Always fit, do not eat in the evening

Always fit, do not eat in the evening

It was found in a research that by eating in the evening, your weight could increase. Dr.Adenin Zaman of the Endocrinology Department of the University of Colorado School of Medicine says that we evaluate food and sleep time in patients with overweight obesity at the beginning of weight loss tests, before the participants started intervention . “

This study showed that eating late latex increases body fat and increases body fat. BMI tells your Fat. Which is measured according to the height and weight.

The study revealed that participants were enrolled in a weight loss test, which used to periodically compare the daily calorie limit. Others may say in words that once the trial began, they could have eaten only a few hours a day.

90 percent of women participated in this research. Whose age was up to 36 years.

Jamn and colleagues with them did not tell what time food is the best. Along with this, we did not see calorie and nutritional value.

The team noticed that after dinner, every participant was sleeping with the cord. However, everyone completed seven hours of sleep in the night.

In this study, it was revealed that the food in their body digested for 11 hours. The last time was usually around 8 o’clock. The study found that those who later consumed BMI and high amount of fat in the body.

Jaman said that the research is going on right now, at what time you eat your weight after dinner.

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