Best cure for low blood sugar eat toffee in every 2 hours

low blood sugar

Take the toffee every two hours to prevent Lo Sugar during the day. This will maintain Sugar level

Patients who take sugar in insulin should have glucose powder and toffee in pocket. Drink glucose or eat a toffee after every two to two and a half hours. Besides, taking lemonade will also be beneficial. At the same time, if there is Suger Control, then lemonade, coconut water should be taken. The situation will be controlled by taking buttermilk and lassi.

Do not make the mistake of taking out fruit juices or cold drinks in the summer. Drink more plain water instead. Eat melon and watermelon immediately after eating Keep apples, oranges and kinu with you, which keep on interfering between them. Instead of eating something outside, eat biscuits and roast beef. Take a prop  diet for 3 times. Just be aware that diet contains low calorie items instead of high.

The most important thing is to prevent heat infections. There is Trouble with fruits sold in the open,  due to diarrhea and stomach infection occurs  in the summer, the main reason is the-fruit and food items sold in the open. People eat it as healthy and eat it and then fall sick. Therefore avoid melon-watermelon sold in the open

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