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Every terrorist knows today that he is Modi, he will punished evey terrorist says PM Modi

PM Shri Narendra Modi addresses public meeting

Elections to the Lok Sabha elections are to be held tomorrow for the third phase and the campaign for the fourth phase is in full swing. On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the election rally in Maharashtra’s Naxik Dhindhori. The Prime Minister said that I talk about the security, development of the country in my speech. Only after two phases have some people come on abusive language. Today everyone thinks hundred times before lifting the eye on India.

In the rally, the Prime Minister said that when I was fighting for the first time, everyone would have asked that Modi does not know anything about foreign policy. But I had just said that we would not talk with eyes or talk tilting, we would  talk with  eye to eye.

He said that when people were praying to God in Sri Lanka yesterday, then the terorist killed them. Before 2014, the situation of India was also such that there were frequent bomb blasts in many parts of the country. The PM said that when the first attack took place, only the tribute assembly was held, but the janitor changed it and entered the terror factory and made all the pilgrims. Today the terror has shrunk only in some areas of Kashmir, it will also end..

The Prime Minister said that today every terrorist knows that if he explodes in the country, then Modi will find out them from anywhere. He said that we are making roads in village-village with speed and giving free electricity to illuminate every house. On one hand we open bank accounts of poor, while the doors of the bank have opened for the poor and the farmers. .

The PM said that through postmen, the bank’s services are being set up at the door of the village-poor, and the government has done the work of proper growth in the postal wages. He said that on the one hand we are encouraging the country for digital transactions, on the other hand, now the post offices of village-village are also turning to banks.

The Prime Minister said that the Congress is spreading rumors about the water of rivers, no one will do anything against your wishes. The rumors are being spread over the HAL, the Congress has eliminated the HAL, but we are making new defense corridors under Make in India.


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