Just 30 minutes of exercise Increases your memory and ability to do work

Just 30 minutes of exercise

Due to runny days the life style of the people has deteriorated , Its direct impact is on physical and mental health. The power to remember is weakening. But, health can be adjusted through a little exercise. Only 30 minutes of exercise can speed up memory.

Only exercising 30 minutes can improve memory. Along with this, the way brain works can also be changed. Health officials recommend exercising regularly. About two and a half hours, easy activities such as fast walking or gardening keep the mind and body of the elderly peoples healthy.

Researchers at the New University of Maryland researched about 26 adults aged 50 to 58 to know the effect of the exercise on memory. Research found that only thirty minutes of exercise enhances brain activity to speed up memory. This helps to remember anything better.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when 13 percent of people over 60 years of age try to remember something, they do not remember anything. It has happened many times with them. According to the Center, the risk of Alzheimer’s is increasing rapidly in people, which is extremely worrisome for health. Between the ages of 60 to 70 years, the front of the head and the hippocampus (a small and curved structure in the brain that creates new memories) begin to shrink, causing difficulties in the formation of new memories.

Researchers say that different types of memories are formed at different times. They have their own importance. One of the best ways to remember them is exercise. Physical activity poses positive effects on the brain. According to the Harvard Health Blog, routine exercise has a protective effect on brain cells. It develops the ability to think.

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