Nude woman walked 3 km to the police station where some people kept making videos

Nude woman walked 3 km to the police station

A shameful incident came in the wake of police negligence in Beedasar of Churu district, where the women started walking to the Nude police station to beat the in-laws’ lanes and tearing clothes.

He continued for 45 minutes in the crowded state road number 20 in the same condition. The people reported, but the police remained unheard of

After seeing the woman approaching the police station, the police came to the scene and wrapped the sheet on her body.

In this case the police told that the case has been filed on the statement of the victim. The woman is doing the procedure to send Nari Niketan till the family is not able to reach the family by doing CHC in the state.

According to marital status, she is a resident of Akola of Maharashtra. He was married a year ago in Bidasar. Husband went to do wage labor for six months, then in-laws, mother-in-law, Jethani, Jeth, Dewar harass him. They take away the sent money of husband and beat up.

The police has also arrested four in-laws of the in-laws. And the young woman Umashankar, who has made a woman of Nude woman, has also been arrested.

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