Different Types of Yoga


Yoga is an important Tradition of ancient India. In which yoga through the body, mind and mind are completely healthy.Being healthy, you feel healthy yourself. Regular yoga does not bring any kind of stress and diseases. Take information about different types of yoga. Shirshasana :  –  Yoga to the force of the head is called Shirshasana. By doing her heading, digestive power improves the digestive system and enhances the beauty of the face and increases the memory power. Surya Namaskar : – The power of the universe is the basis of the sun.…

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Amazing Benefits of Yoga in Life

Surya namaskar

Yoga has amazing benefits in life such as 1) Regular yoga does not cause mental stress! It is impossible to get body diseases without tension! 2) Various postures of yoga benefit in different parts of the body, which is the exercise of all the body parts! By having exercise, all the organs of the body remain flexible! Or say that the flexibility of the body increases. 3) Yoga does not come quickly due to yoga, yoga is also helpful in reducing weight. 4) Yoga can be completely cured by serious…

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