What is yoga ! How and where did Yoga originate

What Is Yoga

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘YUJ’, which means meeting individual consciousness or soul or soul. In other words, the word yoga has two meanings and both are important. The first is – Junk and second is the Samadhi. Yoga is one of the greatest discoveries of our Sage Manu! Indian knowledge has five thousand years old style. Yoga can be achieved by practicing meditation, meditation and meditation, pranayama! By regular practice of yoga, God can also be obtained! Where people fall, jerks, pulls, and adopts complex ways of breathing.…

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PMNarendra Modi arrived in Argentina on Thursday to participate within the G-20 Summit. Here he participated within the yoga program before the conference and met many leaders

PM Modi Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Argentina on Thursday to participate in the G-20 Summit. Where he will discuss with the leaders of the G-20 including the US President Donald Trump on ways and means of dealing with challenges in the next decade in front of the nation and the world. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar tweeted, “The Prime Minister has reached Buenos Aires after a 24-hour long tour. Before the conference PM Modi attended the yoga program. In addition, he also met the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and…

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